Airzone: 14′ Spring Review

Airzone: 14′ Spring Review

“My children (13 and 5) have wanted a trampoline for several years. We finally broke down and let the “Easter Bunny” bring us one! Not even two weeks later, all the straps that hold on the blue frame cover (padding that covers the springs) have ripped out. Now there is nothing holding it on the trampoline. This is NOT safe! I can not let my (very upset) children on it until I replace it…..we will see how the warranty is, and just how long I will have to wait.”

“I have been jumping on trampolines since I was a kid. I had one and my neighbors all had them too. I was excited to get this spring trampoline at a good price, but this is the least bouncy spring trampoline I have ever been on. It is put together properly and at first I thought it could be because I am an adult and weigh more than I used to, but then I went to my cousins house and jumped on his trampoline and it is super bouncy and like the trampolines I remember. I am getting rid of mine and buying a good one. The Airzone one just isn’t that fun.”

“Bought the 14′ AirZone as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Was quite a hit and saw lots of adult-supervised use. Noticed that the spring cover started breaking down in direct sunlight and that a few straps were tearing the first few weeks, but nothing major. A few months into its use the frame starting torquing and twisting. It eventually failed and collapsed after a year of use. A few of the legs sheared from the upper ring, snapping in various places. No one was hurt but they easily could have been.”

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