AlleyOop: VariableBounce

AlleyOop: VariableBounce

“We bought this trampoline 2 years ago and it’s the best purchase we’ve ever made for the kids. They use it all the time and even the neighborhood kids come over to use it. The company provided great customer service, it was shipped fast and set up wasn’t difficult. We have neighbors that played the “Beat the Price Game” at the local store and now are on their 2nd trampoline and enclosure.”

“I’ve had an AlleyOop Variable Bounce in my yard for almost 5 years now and even though we use it constantly, it looks just like it did when we bought it. An absolute joy to have and a marvelous company to deal with. Highly recommended!”

“From the moment we took the frame pieces out of the box, I knew this was top notch, high quality equipment. The frame support bars are hard-core, heavy-duty pre-galvanized steel. They’re nothing like those that come with mass market trampolines. It took us (2 people) about 5 hours to put the whole thing including the safety enclosure up, and we were really careful to follow the directions exactly. The trampoline is designed for safety, so following the installation rules is critical.
The safety net crosses over itself so that there is no way an errant bounce will send a jumper off the trampoline. It’s really designed well.
The springs are variable bounce, which has virtually eliminated the horrible shock I have always received on other trampolines if I jumped wrong. It’s a smooth bounce without a jarring sensation. I could go on and on about how each of the pieces of the trampoline are made superbly, but what I really wanted to emphasize is how fabulous the bounce technology is.”


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