Bazoongi: JumpPod Oval

Bazoongi: JumpPod Oval

“Its been a very good trampoline up until now, but after two years the outside padding is ripped in many places and the safety net is so weather damaged that it rips very easily. Fortunately these can be replaced, but the cost of these two is around $160 plus shipping. I’m not looking forward to pulling this thing apart again to replace these parts. Our trampoline gets occasional use by a 3 and 5 year old and isn’t exposed to the sun for much of the day. If you put this trampoline in full sun with heavier use the life would probably be quite a bit less. I would recommend spending a bit more and getting something that will last.”

“This trampoline is huge! Great for the kids! It is very heavy which I guess it isn’t bad, but it was kind of a hassle to put together- a couple of hours with two people and I’ve built these things before. I have had no problems with it thus far. Seems like a decent trampoline. And it’s purple!”

“Our experience with the safety enclosure is that it starting ripping after six months. We would sew together with twine and then another section would rip. A couple of times kids fell through the netting and off the trampoline due to these rips. We contacted the manufacturer who defended that the netting was warrantied for only three months and offered no replacement. If you have children who need the netting for safety don’t purchase this brand as it is very poor quality.”


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