Bazoongi Kids Orbounder 14′

Bazoongi Kids Orbounder 14′

“I purchased this trampoline for my children 2 years ago. I, like everyone else, was very satisfied with how easy this trampoline was to assemble and the great price that I purchased it for. However, after 2 years the net is torn in several places, huge holes. After 1 1/2 years the pad that covers the springs began to shred and the foam was exposed. Not long after that all that was left was the bottom of the pad. I would think that these products would last longer.
I’ve been looking for replacement parts to fix the net enclosure and the pad. If it works it is going to cost me $100 to just replace the net! A little disappointed since it’s only 2 years old.”

“Great trampoline for the price. The DVD is very helpful in setup but make sure you have at least 2 people. Good bounce for adults and kids.”

“Just try to get parts replaced that arrive broken — they will put you through hoops and treat you like a criminal. Given a copy of the receipt they would not begin to process a warranty claim for a tiny safety part that arrived broken without a photo, even though I told them the delay would cause my kid to miss being able to use the trampoline for her birthday. If I hadn’t already put it (mostly) together, I would have returned it.”


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