How can Trampoline Accessories Extend the Play Value & Safety?

How can Trampoline Accessories Extend the Play Value & Safety?

How can Accessories Extend the Play Value and Safety of your Backyard Trampoline

Add up the fun.  Kids + trampolines = fun. Kids + accessorized trampolines really adds up the fun factor and guarantees safety.  Safety accessories bring added value to your trampoline.  There are 2 types of accessories, ones that protect/help the trampoline and jumpers (safety enclosures, anchors, ladders and covers) and ones that increase the play value for jumpers (Basketball kits, Game kits, Misting systems and Tents).

Surrounded…in a good way.  Adding a safety enclosure to your trampoline significantly increases the safety and protection factor.  Although a net is considered an add-on, once you have one, it expands the possiblities to put up things like a trampoline basketball set. This is another example of how trampoline accessories extend the play value and safety for your family. It gives parents the peace of mind that their children won’t hit the frame or fall off the trampoline.  In the past those were the two main causes of injury.  Most trampolines today are sold with a safety enclosure; and there is a reason for that – notably, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported trampoline injuries increased at a significant rate each year prior to 1998.  Since safety nets were introduced to the marketplace in 1997, injury rates per trampoline sold have continued to drop. In fact, trampoline enclosures have been so successful, that trampoline injury rates have dropped below that of play structures and bicycles. (link to study).  Remember that the next time you hear a doctor who is knee-jerk negative about trampolines but brags about riding his bike to work.


Being Anchored. Anchor kits, a product that attaches your trampoline to the ground, can help in a couple of ways.  First, if you live in a windy area, a sturdy anchor kit keeps your trampoline where you want it.  Also, sometimes the normal act of jumping will cause your trampoline to move or shift along the ground.  Anchor kits will keep it right where you want it in your yard.  Also, cheaper, low-end trampolines are lighter (weaker and thinner metal) and more susceptible to tipping and bending.  Anchor kits can alleviate some of these downsides; especially the tipping risk.

Climbing the ladder. Ladders help everyone enter the trampoline more safely, but this is especially true for small children who are always in ‘hurry up’ mode.  Without a properly secured ladder, folks tend to substitute that lack with wobbly, unsecured step stools, or even chairs and tables in order to allow children to climb up.  Such makeshift solutions are unattractive, less stable, and often more slippery and unsafe because they were never designed for that purpose. Make sure your ladder attaches securely to the rail so it won’t slip off; and check to see that the steps at least have raised bumps for better traction.  Ladders may vary in the number of steps, usually two or three.  Make sure you order the right height for your trampoline.


Bounce and learn.  Maximizing the value of your trampoline is easy with games that encourage learning and keep your children safe.  The best games direct kids’ attention away from horseplay to more structured activities where the rules help keep them safe.  Pre-designed games are a good example of how trampoline accessories extend the play value and safety of your trampoline. Trampoline mats with number and symbol games applied to the surface encourage children to think while jumping and playing – an unbeatable combination!  The bonus?  Studies show, bouncing develops brain cells.  Give your children an unbeatable way to build their brain while having fun!



Accessorize and customize.  Accessories such as weather covers or anchor kits for your trampoline will ensure a longer life for your investment so it stays safe for everyone.  Customizing your trampoline takes it to the next level and allows you to meet your specific needs and maintain your safety standards.  The right games and trampoline accessories extend the Play Value & Safetycan improve the safety of the jumpers and extend the play value of your investment.

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