JumpKing Orbounder 6 Legs 12’

JumpKing Orbounder 6 Legs 12’

“This is just the right size for a “medium” trampoline. Pretty easy to put together, except that the threading of nylon string through the side netting took some time and it was tough to gauge if you were going to have enough string to get all the way around the edge. Kids and adults are having a blast on it. I do recommend that the u-bolts be tightened regularly for safety. Also, my friend bought the larger size and they like it too.”

“We bought this for my daughters birthday. I feel like I should have spent the extra money and bought the nicer one. Overall I am satisfied with the trampoline. We only use it for our 3 year old. I have noticed when you get a couple adults on it the trampoline looks like its going to cave in. The enclosure only has 4 poles and isn’t very sturdy. One broke from a bad storm and we had to replace it a week after we got it. If you don’t want to spend extra money get this one but don’t hold your hopes too high.”

“We are loving this trampoline! Perfect size for our family of 4 plus neighborhood friends. Enclosure net wasn’t as “hardy” as I had expected–arrived with a few small holes. The company was very quick to send out a new one, plus the missing spring.”

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