JumpSport PowerBounce Review

JumpSport PowerBounce Review

“My kids, ages 13 and 9, love this Powerbounce trampoline! It has much more bounce without too much stretch, when compared to less expensive models. My husband used to be able to hit the ground with our other trampoline and that’s not possible with this one. All ages and sizes can use this trampoline. It took about an hour to put up the trampoline and about three hours to set up the safety net. My husband and I put it together ourselves and it wasn’t hard to follow the directions. I would definitely recommend this trampoline to friends and already have to one of mine.”

“My 2 boys, ages 10 and 13 love the 14 ft Power Bounce trampoline with safety net and so do all their friends!! We also love it as a family and all play on it and around it including our puppy who loves to run around it and tries to catch all the jumpers (likes the shade underneath too). We added the basketball hoop which is a blast! Ladder is a must, especially for parents. Makes it easy to get on and play with your kids. It has gotten my kids off their video games and out in the yard even in the heat of Summer. It took over 4 hours to put together, but instructions were great! It is HUGE and takes up a large part of our yard, but we love it! I highly recommend this trampoline.

“All in all this trampoline is superior, quality and safety wise to other trampolines on the market and the kids love it! Just be sure to have lots of patience when setting it up.”


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