Kids Trampoline Games

While there are many game accessories you can buy for your trampoline, we are growing a list of trampoline games you can do for free or with a couple of minimal items. The idea behind trampoline games is two-fold; first they are fun for kids. Second and probably more important, if a game is structured correctly, it will help the bouncers stay safe, learn and develop their motor skills, conditioning and balance.
Trampoline Games can involve several children, but we do not recommend more than one child at a time bouncing. When waiting their turn, it is important they wait in their safe zone. Rules, in many instances, keep the children safe because they don’t allow random rambunctiousness. Nothing can beat adult supervision though!

If you come across games and would like to add it to the list, please email the name of the game and the instructions. We review all games for safety and overall playability before posting them.

Game #1 (2 to 3 Players – no jumping involved)

Race Car Tag – Player 1 gets a 3 step head start. Player 2 tries to catch Player 1. Both players are running around the outer edge of the jumping mat (it’s a 2 foot lane they need to stay in). When Player 2 tags Player 1, they switch and race again!

Game #2 (2 to 4 players – 1 jumper at a time)

The Jump Challenge – First player performs a jump giving it a fun name, like a knee drop while saluting, but calling it a half standing, Tin Solder bounce. They can get crazy creative with the names. The remaining players need to do the same maneuver and call it the same name. If one player can’t do it, the next player can make up their own move and the process starts over again.

Game #3 – Trampoline Target

Using chalk, draw a target in the middle of the trampoline mat. Fill a bucket with water and colorful kitchen sponges that have been cut in half. Players standing on the edge of the trampoline, inside the netted enclosure, toss sponges onto the target for point value. Time the game; whoever has the most points at the end of 2 minutes wins!

Game #4 – Balloons Bounce

Fill 20 – 40 small water balloons. Divide balloons between players and put in 4 plastic buckets, one for each player, to keep at player’s “stations.” Players stand inside the netted enclosure, along the edge of the trampoline, at stations representing north (player #1), south (player #2), east (player #3) and west (player #4). Players #1 and #2 begin to hop directly across the trampoline mat, changing places, trying not be hit by oncoming water balloons thrown by players #3 and #4 who must stand at their stations as they throw the balloons. Once across the trampoline, players #1 and #2 throw balloons at players #3 and #4 as they hop across the mat, trying to escape the oncoming balloons.

Game #5 – Color Quest

Use large colorful chalk to create pictures on your trampoline mat. Take pictures with your cell phone and send them to us at (email address here) so we can display them on this website.

Game #6 – Follow the Bouncing Ball

Secure a large, deep plastic bowl to the center of your trampoline with duct tape. Each player has a small (2” to 3” diameter) plastic ball. Standing on the edge of the trampoline, inside the netted enclosure, players try to get balls into the bowl by throwing it at an angle onto the mat toward the bowl to bounce it in. See how many stay in the bowl!