What’s the Best Outdoor Trampoline for my Family?

Active kids backyard play

Which would you consider safer…skateboards, outdoor play structures, bikes, or a trampoline?  According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Outdoor Play Safety Report, outdoor trampolines were found to be the safest of those kid’s outdoor toys.  An outdoor trampoline, with a safety net, provides a remarkably safe environment for kids of all ages; eliminating fall-off and frame related injuries. And, we are here to help you find the best outdoor trampoline for your family! See our compare trampolines page for the latest on outdoor trampolines!

Long lasting outdoor play equipment

Trikes, bikes, and scooters are popular, but as children grow, they need to be replaced every few years.  Trampolines on the other hand should be a one-time purchase.  No one grows out of an outdoor trampoline—they are used from age 6 to age 66.  Buying a quality outdoor trampoline ensures your family a durable piece of backyard equipment for years to come.

Active kids and the best outdoor trampolines

Give your children the gift of fun fitness!  An outdoor trampoline allows your kids easy access to a healthy workout.  Encouraging children to develop an active routine will serve them now and in the future. Bouncing on an outdoor trampoline is a great cardio workout that also develops balance and flexibility.  When working out is fun, we all tend to do more of it.

Outdoor trampoline safety means trampoline quality

Safety and quality have many components.  We examine 45 features on each outdoor trampoline.  See all the results on our compare trampolines chart before you buy; see the difference safety between low quality and high quality outdoor trampolines.  Buying quality today will save you money in the long run. Let us help you do your research in finding the best outdoor trampoline!

Trampoline rules to live by

Trampoline games and trampoline accessories extend the play value and safety of your outdoor trampoline.  When children play organized games, like trampoline basketball, they hold one another to the rules, minimizing rough-housing and random horseplay which can cause collisions.  The more they play, the more they exercise and see how much fun it is.  Activity and fun become the rules they live by.