What’s the Safest Backyard Trampoline for my Money

What’s the Safest Backyard Trampoline for my Money

How can I buy the safest backyard trampoline for my money?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to move up to the next level in trampolines, be sure to consider these key elements and questions when selecting the safest backyard trampoline equipment.

  • Quality of the trampoline and its longevity.
  • Safety of the jumpers
  • What are the ages of the jumpers, now and in the foreseeable future?
  • How important is the smoothness and quality of the bounce?
  • How big is your backyard?
  • What is the climate in your area?

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Quality always makes a difference.  The question we always ask ourselves is it worth it?  Many retailers attract buyers by advertising low-end trampolines.  As important as price is, it shouldn’t be the #1 criterion when selecting what is now the most popular backyard play structure in the country.  The quality of your trampoline is the difference between investing in a product that lasts only 2 years or one that lasts 12 years.  If the warranty on a part is for 90 days, that directly reflects what the company sees as the quality of the product.   Quality materials directly impact jumpers’ safety, so don’t skimp when making a purchase.  Buy the highest quality trampoline your budget can afford.  Paying more initially allows you to know your children are protected and saves you the time and expense of buying another trampoline a few years down the road.  See our quality ratings for the most popular trampolines.  Click here to view.

 Key elements to keep in mind


  High grade materials

  Durable safety netting

  Age of jumpers

  Spring/coil size

  Backyard space

  Local climate

Safety first.  One of the most significant safety inventions since the backyard trampolines became so popular is the safety enclosure.  While most safety nets look alike, quality and manufacturing vary significantly and play an important role in the way a safety net performs.  Thicker netting generally lasts longer and provides better support when jumpers fall into it.  Examine the netting material and make sure netting strands are thickly woven and don’t have an abrasive feel when skin rubs against it.  Keep in mind, the sun is powerful and can break down netting materials if not treated with UV protection.  Thicker strands last longer in the sun; and the outer layers protect the inner layer longer.

Know your audience.  Who will use the trampoline – Very young children, teenagers, adults?  Perhaps all ages.  Some trampolines are constructed with only young children, and lighter weights, in mind, and are therefore less durable and safe for heavier teens and adults.  If you have a young family, instead of an “entry level” trampoline, consider buying a trampoline with a few additional features, such as a stronger frame, or larger jumping mat.  The features may not be necessary today, but they’ll be needed, and appreciated, in 2 – 3 years when the children have grown.  Ultimately, you’d like to start with the safest trampoline for your budget.  Too many people buy a cheap first trampoline and end up buying a quality second one 2 years later, or a string of cheap trampolines which cost far more in the long run; all with a lower quality bounce action!

Be an educated consumer.  Learn the difference between springs and how they affect the bounce.  See our testing video. Click here to view installation videos.

(Not the actual address, just a placeholder)  Short springs create a jarring bounce whereas springs that are 7 inches or longer provide a softer, safer bounce.  Make sure springs are tapered and made from steel.  The heavier the spring, the better it is at delivering a smooth bounce; plus, heavy duty springs won’t stretch out and become uncoiled over time.  Protect fingers and toes with padding that fully covers every part of the springs and is made of durable materials that won’t disintegrate over time from the elements. Our trampoline comparison table contains the results of the 45+ tests we ran on each trampoline.  Click here to compare trampolines. This will give you a great idea of what to expect from the trampoline you purchase.

Consider the size of your backyard and how much space you want the trampoline to occupy.  Allow two to six feet of clearance around the perimeter of the trampoline, depending on the quality of the safety enclosure.  The jumping surface of the trampoline should be large enough to give jumpers, both kids and adults, plenty of space to move around and play games on.  Generally speaking, go with a 14 foot backyard trampoline, unless the available space in yard won’t allow it.  If you must go with a smaller 12 foot trampoline, then the quality and design of the springs become more important.  Look for any technology that reduces kick-back force during the bounce, especially if heavier jumpers are involved whenever you have size limitations.  The only other alternative is to limit the size of the jumpers; a very difficult thing to do once the fun starts.

The climate where you live is another important consideration.  If you live by the ocean your trampoline needs to be made of materials that won’t deteriorate from the salty sea air; if you live in the desert, your trampoline should be able to withstand extreme temperature changes and direct sunshine year round.  The trampoline you buy should be made from materials that will stand up to seasonal weather, varying temperatures, excessive water, snow, and/or ice.  To ensure a long and durable lifespan for your trampoline, materials should include Polyethylene, galvanized and/or painted steel, and be constructed with UV protection.  You should also take a look at our care and maintenance page – it has a list of things to do to prolong the life of your trampoline.

Trampolines range in price from $200 to $2000.  They’re an excellent way to invest in your family’s health, physical and social activity, and active play.  To ensure you get the best product for your money, please look at our comparison chart and the video review of the trampoline you are interested in.  Put your money into the features that will give you the safest backyard trampoline available and one you won’t have to replace in a few, short years family around trampoline photo here




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